Standards help and support SMEs and provide your company with many advantages.

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How standards boost your SME

"Standards are only interesting for big multinationals": an untruth you hear all too often. And that's a shame, because standards can have a very positive impact on your SME!

What are standards?

Standards are best practices. They describe the best way to do something. Like making a product, providing a service or managing a process. Think about the paper size A4, the 4G network, or agreements around fire safety.

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What benefits do standards offer for your SME?

SMEs using standards find that there are many benefits:

Concrete examples from SMEs

Oystershell: ISO 13485 certified

Oystershell, which has 15 employees, produces pharmaceutical products that are sold without a prescription in pharmacies. The Organisation developed a new type of silicone-containing product to combat head lice. European regulations required Oystershell to apply the quality standard NBN EN ISO 13485 Medical Devices.

Today, Oystershell is ISO 13485 certified. Result? Greater credibility of the Organisation, more customers, the development of many new products and smoother exports to other European countries and even to growth markets such as Asia or South America.

Van Eycken: stronger market position

Van Eycken produces, delivers and installs metal structures in the infrastructure works sector. The SME is fully committed to innovation. Road safety barriers that comply with European standard NBN EN 1317 are the best proof of this. When the use of European certified crash barriers became mandatory in 2006, the family business decided to develop and produce them themselves. They used the strict NBN EN 1317 standard. Now, after several years of trial and error, Van Eycken has six different safety barriers that comply with the NBN EN 1317 standard. They all meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee's needed.

The Organisation is now one of the few Belgian producers among the big foreign companies. "Entering the field of the big players as an SME is exciting and instructive," says Annemie Van Eycken. "Moreover, our turnover has increased. Keeping production in our own hands and country feels right."

Management standards for SMEs

The decision to adopt a standard is a big step for your SME. Smaller companies should carefully consider which standards offer the most benefit. The choice of standard depends on what you want your Organisation to achieve:

  • ISO 9001: A quality service is a must for any organisation. The international standard for quality management? That's ISO 9001. This management standard collects all the best practices around transparency, reliability and quality for your organisation. If you opt for ISO 9001, then as Organisation you choose a high-quality service. With an eye for the needs and satisfaction of your customers. Now and in the future.

Standards: an added value for your SME

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