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Standards come about in so-called standards committees. A heavy term, but really these are just meetings of people like you who have a lot of knowledge and experience in a particular domain. They share that expertise with each other to reach the best possible agreements on a specific subject. The best agreements are then poured into a text and that is how a standard is created.

Do you have a lot of knowledge in a domain?

Have you accumulated knowledge in a domain? Let your voice be heard and contribute to the development of standards by participating in a standards committee. These committees are the heart of the standardization process, where experts work together to define and update standards.

How do you participate in standards development? Read here how you can use your insights and experiences to influence standards in your field. Together with you and sector operators, we are building a strong foundation for quality and innovation.

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Webinar: "Standardization - The Basics"

Would you like to help develop standards yourself? But would you rather learn more about it first? Then follow our Webinar "Standardization - The Basics". There we will give you more insight of what standards development is.

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