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Sector operators link committee experts with NBN and get all parties involved in standards development.
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NBN and its sectoral operators

Standardisation is a long-term process involving many parties. NBN leads that process in the right direction but does not do it alone. For standards development, it’s supported by sectoral operators, or SOs.

What are sector operators and what do they do?

Standards are developed in standards committees or technical committees (TCs). Each of these has its own specialty.

For example, there are TCs for environment, energy, biodiversity, ...

Sectoral operators (SOs) with the same expertise provide administrative and technical follow-up to a part of those standards committees.

The SOs are recognised by the Board of Directors of NBN. They act in the name of NBN and on its behalf. They thus form the link between the standards committee experts and NBN. And they involve all interested parties in standards development.

This means they’re actually NBN’s right hand in technical committees.

Why are sector operators important?

Sector operators are specialists within their sector. They're also close to the business world. Thanks to their network of experts, they disseminate all important information on standards development within their domain. This makes them essential partners for NBN.

All sector operators at a glance

Curious about our sector operators? We created a handy list of their contact information.

Sector operators

Did you know that ...

... you as an expert can help develop new standards yourself by serving on a committee? At NBN we supervise standards committees, but there are also committees from other sector operators.

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