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What exactly is standards development? How are standards created? Which parties are involved? And how can you contribute?
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What and how?

How do standards come about? What stages do they go through? And how can you make your voice heard in standards development?
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Who is involved?

Many parties are involved in standards development. In addition to NBN, sectoral operators and international institutions also contribute.
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Want to use your expertise and experience to help develop standards? Choose which domain suits you best!
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My benefits

Curious about the benefits you and/or your organisation can gain from standards development? Find out now!
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Do you have a lot of experience in a particular field? And you'd like to share your knowledge? Then get involved in standards development!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about standards development? We list the most frequently asked questions and their answers on our FAQ page.
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Want to help develop standards yourself?

But would you rather learn more about it first? Then follow the Webinar "Standardization - The basics." Here we give you more insight of what standards development is.
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