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Do you have a lot of experience in a particular field? And you'd like to share your knowledge? Then get involved in standards development!
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Do you have extensive knowledge and experience in a particular domain of standardisation? And would you find it fascinating to collaborate on drafts of standards related to that domain? Or to share your knowledge in a standards committee? Then get involved in standards development!

What are the benefits of participating in standards development?

  • You build a network. Standards committees are the ideal meeting place to make new contacts and exchange ideas.
  • You learn and exchange knowledge. Participants in standards committees are international experts and have a great deal of substantive knowledge. By participating in a committee yourself, you learn a lot firsthand.

What benefits does your company gain from standards development?

  • You're the first to know about future technological developments and trends. This strengthens your company' s competitive position.
  • You gain the ability to anticipate future changes through early access to all that strategic information.
  • You exercise influence during the standards development process and give your Organisation a voice in the development of standards for your industry.
  • You boost your credibility with your stakeholders and your customers.

Yes, I want to help develop new standards!

Would you like to participate in the standards development process as an expert?

  • Register for one of our standards committees and help us develop new standards based on your practical experiences.

  • For standards committees managed by NBN, you can register using our contact form.

  • Is the standards committee you're interested in managed by another sectoral operator? If so, contact them directly.
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Your rights and obligations as an expert

Experts who participate in standards development have some specific rights and obligations. To achieve a quality standard, you need to commit to these important tasks:

  • You meticulously review all documents sent to committee members.
  • You provide your reasoned feedback on those documents to the committee secretary.
  • You participate in gatherings and meetings and strive for consensus.
  • You cast your vote on the ISOlutions online platform through your personal login.

Experts also get help where needed, of course:

  • NBN supports experts in Belgium through advice and assistance.
  • The committee secretary will guide you throughout the standardisation process, and you can contact them with any questions or concerns.
  • NBN keeps you informed of the latest updates through its newsletter.

Conditions for participation

Experts who want to participate in standards development must meet 3 conditions:

  1. If you participate as a natural person, you must be domiciled in Belgium. Legal entities or organisations wishing to participate must have their headquarters are in Belgium.
  2. You must have a direct, current interest in the standard you want to help shape and have demonstrable knowledge on the subject.
  3. You let NBN know you want to participate in a standards committee by registering as an expert.

Review the General Internal Regulations for a full list of terms and conditions.

How much does it cost?

The price of one year of committee participation depends on the sectoral operator coordinating the committee. The development of a new standard takes an average of 3 years.

  • For NBN committees, participation costs a standard 630 euros.
  • The price drops to 525 euros when registering for additional standards committees.
  • As the year progresses, the price continues to fall.

NBN also offers  interesting discounts:

  • 30% for SMEs with up to 50 employees
  • 50% for academics (universities and colleges whose services are defined by law or decree)
  • 50% for social stakeholders whose statutory objective is to defend workers', environmental or consumer interests
  • free participation for sector operators (only for those responsible for standardisation activities)
  • free participation for governments and public institutions of category A

Discover the world of standardization

Would you like to help develop standards yourself? But would you like to learn more about standardisation first? Then our free webinar "Standardisation: The Basics" is your chance to take a first step into this exciting world. Register for the webinar here.

Ready to dive deeper into the subject of standards development and NBN right now? Discover our free e-learning "Introduction to Standardisation." This interactive e-learning allows you to learn at your own pace, when and where it suits you.

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Participation in NBN committees 2023:

630 Euros (excl VAT) for one committee.
525 Euros (excl VAT) for each additional committee.

The term committee includes a Technical Committee (TC) with its Sub-Committees (SCs) and Working Groups (WG).
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