Public enquiry

How can you make your own voice heard in standards development?

Participate in the public enquiry

Before a standard is adopted, the draft standard is first subject to a public review. This means that anyone can comment on the draft.

What is a public enquiry?

Before a new standard is published, you have two months to submit your comments on the draft standard during the public enquiry.

Why is participating a good idea?

Do you have reservations about the standard? Then participating in the public enquiry is certainly valuable. You get to know the new/adapted standard even before publication. And the more comments you provide, the more you can put your own stamp on the new standard. The appropriate standards committee reviews and processes all comments.


Would you also like to have a say in the development of standards in your field? Then join a standards committee. Contact us and we'll tell you all about it.

How to make your voice heard

  • Would you like to update Belgian (NBN) or European (CEN) standards? You can view draft standards and make comments via the NBN's Public Enquiry Portal you can view the draft standards and make comments. The NBN then passes feedback to the relevant standards committee.
  • The development of European (CENELEC) and international (IEC) electrotechnical and electronic standards is done in Belgium by the Belgian Electrotechnical Committee (BEC). Here, too, you can provide feedback on European and international draft standards.
  • The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) develops standards for ICT (information and communications technology). You can also provide your feedback on these ETSI draft standards.