Standards help and support education and provide schools with many benefits.
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The strengths of standards for students

Learned young is done old. So you can't start early enough by introducing pupils and students to the world of standards. This way they learn the added value of standards at a young age.

They realize this all too well at NBN. That is why they developed a standards portal for high schools, colleges and universities: the EDU portal. Through this portal, students as well as teachers and lecturers get free access to more than 40,000 standards in the NBN catalogue.

What are standards?

Standards are best practices. They describe the best way to do something. Like making a product, providing a service or managing a process. Think about the paper size A4, the 4G network, or agreements around fire safety.

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What benefits do standards offer in education?

Benefits for pupils and students:

  • Young people develop the reflex to work with standards and to ask themselves if what they are doing is in line with standards.
  • Standards offer tremendous value in professionalising students' knowledge .
  • Standards help students in their later careers. The more students are introduced to standards and standards development during their studies, the more they will benefit later in their work.

Benefits for teachers and educators:‍

  • Higher education teachers are becoming aware of the importance of standards in society and business.
  • Course materials, access to standards, business games or a network of speakers on the topic facilitate the teaching of standards.

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Looking for inspiration to incorporate standards into your curriculum? Don't hesitate and register for this free webinar. What will you get out of the webinar? You will become familiar with the world of standards, you will learn the value of standards within academia, and we will show you the way to the EDU portal.

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The EDU portal for schools, colleges and universities

Standards in your secondary school

Secondary school students come into contact with standards every day, often without realizing it. Look with them for common ground in different domains and let a new world open up: through free access to the more than 40,000 standards from the NBN catalogue.

Benefits: Teachers gain an additional tool to extend thematic lessons and prepare their students for professional life.

Do you want to get started with standards in your secondary school?

All you need to do is connect your Smartschool to NBN's EDU portal. In this guide, we explain how to make the connection yourself after a few clicks.

Does your school work with another digital platform?

We will work together to find an alternative solution. Please contact our technical team at

Standards in your university or college

As a teacher, you can draw unlimited information from the wealth of standards that exist. But most importantly, your students will benefit from using standards in the course of their studies.


The EDU portal offers:

  • access to knowledge: standards always reflect the latest know-how and expertise in their field.
  • a career boost: those who later work with standards will get a jump start thanks to the standards portal.
  • a study aid: by using standards, they give their thesis or doctorate a quality boost.

Wondering how the EDU portal works?

Watch the video.

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) leads by example

The ULB introduces budding engineers to industry standards early on. "That way they know immediately whether their innovative ideas are in line with those standards, and we as a university offer an up-and-coming professional education," says Professor Patrick Hendrick of the Faculty of Engineering. See his full response here:

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Participate in standards development yourself

Are you an expert in a particular area of standardisation? And would you like to contribute to the development of new standards? Then register now as an expert on a standards committee.
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