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Why are standards so valuable in education?

In our rapidly changing society, it's crucial that education remains relevant. By integrating standards into the curriculum, you help students better prepare for tomorrow's job market. Standards provide a shared framework for knowledge and skills, allowing students to seamlessly transition into professional careers. Moreover, they encourage critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, which are indispensable in the digital economy.

In short, standards are valuable tools that can help schools provide relevant and future-oriented education.

Standards are essential for students who want to become true professionals. They're a reliable source of knowledge, reflecting the official, most up-to-date technological knowledge in a particular field.
Marc Van Overmeire
Emeritus professor of mechanical engineering (VUB)

Benefits for students

A solid foundation for the future.

Benefits for teachers and academics

Prepare your students for the real world.

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Standards provide a level playing field

Standards as part of higher education? "That's a topic that's not raised often enough. And it's not because teachers are unwilling," laughs Kim Willems, professor of marketing at the VUB. A case of 'what we don't know, we don't appreciate'?
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Turn your students into true professionals

Integrating standards in courses and lectures? For Marc Van Overmeire, emeritus professor of mechanical engineering (VUB) and part-time employee at Certifer Belgorail, it's a given. "Standards used to seem like a dusty affair.
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The trend towards interoperability, sustainability and reuse of components automatically leads us to standards

"Research or a thesis without a single reference to standards? That's not a good start," according to Vincent Rijmen, professor of mathematics and cybersecurity at KU Leuven.
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How can NBN help you?

NBN offers a variety of ways to encourage the use of standards in secondary and higher education.

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