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Quality service is a must for any organisation. Quality management is the key to this.
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quality management

Quality management: the key to a successful Organisation

Do you want a thriving business that attracts, retains and satisfies customers? And that responds optimally to their current and future needs? Then quality service is a must. How do you ensure that? Through a well-implemented quality management system.

Such a system is essential for any organisation. The Belgian standards committee NBN/I176 is therefore working hard to developinternational standards for quality management.

What is quality management?

Quality management aims to maximise the quality of a product, production process, service or organisation. A quality management system helps you achieve that.

Why is this important?

A quality management system improves every aspect of your organisation’s performance,

Because of this:

  • meet customer requirements;
  • comply with legal requirements;
  • improve efficiency;
  • increase productivity;
  • communicate more effectively;
  • increase employee satisfaction.

What are quality management standards committees working on?

Experts join forces in standards committees to develop standards related to:

  • quality management guidelines and tools;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • quality culture;
  • competence management;
  • employee engagement;
  • quality plans.

ISO has also decided to revise ISO 9001 starting in September/October 2023. To follow or contribute to this project, now is a good time to join our competent national committee!


Would you like to help develop standards yourself? But would you rather learn more about it first? Then follow the Webinar "Standardization - The Basics". There we will give you more insight of what standards development is.

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What standards committees are there and when do they meet?

  • The international standards committee ISO/TC 176 develops and revises international standards for quality management, such as ISO 9001.
  • ISO/TC176 meets once or twice a year. Next meeting: 9-13/10/2023.
  • The Belgian standards committee NBN/I176 brings together all Belgian stakeholders with expertise in quality management. It closely follows and contributes to the ISO work. Anyone in Belgium can join.
  • NBN/I176 meets several times a year. Next meeting: 26/09/2023.

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