If we want to save our planet, we need standards to help us increase biodiversity again.
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Restoring nature through biodiversity

More and more species are disappearing from our planet. We can’t let this continue. It’s more urgent than ever to protect nature and stop the decline of ecosystems.

Restoring biodiversity, how do you do that in practice? By using standards! The Belgian standards committee NBN/I331 is working hard to develop international standards for biodiversity.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of life forms on earth. It includes not only the species of plants and animals we consider rare or endangered, but every living thing, from humans to microbes.

Biodiversity also includes the evolutionary, ecological and cultural processes that support life.

Why is this important?

High biodiversity ensures that we, as humanity, can continue to draw from nature to meet the needs of our everyday lives – without violating nature in the process.‍

Investing in biodiversity improves our ecosystems. A healthy ecosystem provides many benefits:

  • Oxygen production
  • water purification and detoxification
  • storage and circulation of fresh water
  • Climate regulation
  • formation of fertile soil
  • prevention of erosion and flooding
  • production of raw materials, food and medicine

What are biodiversity standards committees working on?

Experts join forces in standards committees to develop standards related to:

  • terminology;
  • measurements, data, monitoring and assessment;
  • conservation, restoration and protection;
  • organisations, strategies and sustainable use.


Would you like to help develop standards yourself? But would you rather learn more about it first? Then follow the Webinar "Standardisation - The Basics". There we will give you more insight of what standards development is.

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What standards committees are there and when do they meet?

  • The international standards committee ISO/TC331 brings together expertise to address biodiversity issues.
  • ‍ISO/TC331 meets once or twice a year. Next meeting: April 22-26, 2024.
  • The Belgian commission NBN/I331 brings together all Belgian stakeholders with expertise in biodiversity. The committee closely follows and contributes to the ISO work. Anyone in Belgium can join.

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