Standard NBN EN 13001-2:2021

Crane safety - General design - Part 2: Load actions
Summary :
This document specifies load actions and load combinations for the calculation of load effects as basis for the proof of competence of a crane and its main components. It will be used together with the other generic parts of the EN 13001 series of standards, see Annex E. As such they specify conditions and requirements on design to prevent mechanical hazards of cranes and provide a method of verification of those requirements. NOTE Specific requirements for particular types of crane are given in the appropriate European product standards for the particular crane type, see Annex E. The following is a list of significant hazardous situations and hazardous events that could result in risks to persons during normal use and reasonably foreseeable misuse. Clause 4 of this document provides means to reduce or eliminate the risks of mechanical failures due to the following:
a) rigid body instability of the crane or its parts (tiltin
b) exceeding the limits of strength (yield, ultimate, fatigu
c) elastic instability of the crane or its parts or components (buckling, bulgin
g). The hazards covered by this document are identified by Annex G. This document is not applicable to cranes that are manufactured before the date of its publication as EN.
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