Standard NBN EN 15842:2010

Foodstuffs - Detection of food allergens - General considerations and validation of methods
Publication date
Replaced by
67.050 General methods of tests and analysis for food products
Summary :
This European Standard specifies how to use the standards for immunoassays, nucleic based and chromatographic methods and their relationship in the analysis of food allergens; and contains general definitions, requirements and guidelines for laboratory set-up, method validation requirements, description of methods, and test reports. This document also specifies general guidelines for the requirements and use of reference materials for the determination of allergenic commodities in food products. The term "reference materials" in this document includes certified reference materials as well as quality control materials. Currently only a limited number of reference materials for food allergen determination are available. As new materials become accepted and validated, they may be appended as an annex to this document. This document does not deal with sampling issues. It simply details processes involved from receipt of the laboratory sample to the end result.
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