Standard NBN EN 16941-2:2021

On-site non-potable water systems - Part 2: Systems for the use of treated greywater
Publication date
93.025 External water conveyance systems
Summary :
This document specifies the principles of design, sizing, installation, identification, commissioning and maintenance of greywater systems with the purpose of use of greywater on-site. It applies preferably for the use of treated greywater for: - WC flushing; - garden watering; - laundry; - cleaning purposes. This document also specifies the minimum requirements for greywater systems. Excluded from the scope of this document are: - the use as drinking water and for food preparation; - the use for personal hygiene purposes; - direct reuse systems without treatment; - product design for specific system components; - industrial effluents; - heat recovery and cooling demands. NOTE Conformity with this document does not exempt from compliance with the obligations arising from local or national regulations.
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