Standard NBN EN 1971-2:2019

Copper and copper alloys - Eddy current test for measuring defects on seamless round copper and copper alloy tubes - Part 2: Test with an internal probe on the inner surface
Publication date
23.040.15 Non-ferrous metal pipes 77.150.30 Copper products
Summary :
This document specifies a procedure for the eddy current test with an internal probe for measuring defects on the inner surface of seamless round copper and copper alloy tubes. This document applies particularly for finned tubes with high fins according to EN 12452. NOTE The eddy current test method(
s) required, together with the size range and acceptance level, are defined in the relevant product standard. The choice of the method for eddy current test: - with an encircling test coil on the outer surface according to prEN 1971-1 or - with an internal probe on the inner surface according to prEN 1971-2 is at the discretion of the manufacturer if there are no other agreements between the purchaser and the supplier. Especially for finned tubes according to EN 12452 with high fins, it is suggested to use eddy current test with internal probe as described in this document.
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