Standard NBN EN 385:2001

Finger jointed structural timber - Performance requirements and minimum production requirements
Publication date
79.040 Wood, sawlogs and sawn timber
Summary :
This standard specifies requirements for bonded finger joints and minimum requirements for the manufacture of cut, interlocking, bonded finger joints in structural timber members. Requirements are given for timber, adhesive, moisture content, cutting and bonding. This standard is only applicable to finger joints between timber members of the same species type. Although most finger joints are produced in coniferous species this standard also applies to broad-leaved species where information is available to enable them to be satisfactorily bonded. It does not cover impressed (die-forme
d) joints. In the case of glued laminated timber it applies only to individual laminations. Large finger joints in glued laminated timber are covered by EN 387. NOTE This standard is elaborated as a supporting standard for a harmononized standard on structural timber with finger joints to be published in the future.
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