Standard NBN ISO 13111-1:2021

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) — The use of personal ITS station to support ITS service provision for travellers — Part 1: General information and use case definitions (ISO 13111-1:2017)
Publication date
03.220.20 Road transport 35.240.60 IT applications in transport and trade
Summary :
This document defines the general information and use cases of the applications based on the personal ITS station to provide and maintain ITS services to travellers including drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The ITS applications supported by this document include multi-modal transportation information service and multimodal navigation service which are based on personal ITS stations in various application scenarios as follows. — Slow transport information service and navigation service such as pedestrians, bicycles and disabled (wheelchair accessibl
e) navigation, as well as internal traffic navigation inside the local transport area. — Transfer information service. The considered application environment includes the transfer information service in a transfer node such as the integrated transportation hub, bus stations, car parking lot, an indoor transfer area, etc. — Multi-modal traffic information service. Types of traffic information include real-time road traffic information, public transport operating information, service information for pedestrians’ road network and service information for transfer node such as integrated transportation hub, bus stations, car parking lot, an indoor transfer area, etc. — Multi-modal navigation service. Includes static and dynamic multi-modal routing and re-routing service, as well as real-time guidance service with voice/image/text/map drawings. — Communities activities. For example, a team travel when a group of vehicles (or bicycle
s) track the lead vehicle on the way to the same destination.
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