Standard NBN ISO 17572-2:2021

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) — Location referencing for geographic databases — Part 2: Pre-coded location references (pre-coded profile) (ISO 17572-2:2018)
Publication date
03.220.01 Transport in general 35.240.60 IT applications in transport and trade
Summary :
The ISO 17572 series specifies LRMs that describe locations in the context of geographic databases and are used to locate transport-related phenomena in an encoder system as well as in the decoder side. The ISO 17572 series defines what is meant by such objects and describes the reference in detail, including whether or not components of the reference are mandatory or optional, and their characteristics. The ISO 17572 series specifies two different LRMs: — pre-coded location references (pre-coded profil
e); — dynamic location references (dynamic profil
e). The ISO 17572 series does not define a physical format for implementing the LRM. However, the requirements for physical formats are defined. This document specifies the pre-coded LRM, comprising: — specification of pre-coded location references (pre-coded profil
e); — logical format for VICS link location (Annex A); — TPEG physical format for ALERT-C (TMC) location references (Annex B, C & D); — TPEG physical format for ETLs (Annex E, F & G); — TPEG physical format for Korean node-link ID references (Annex H, I & J). — logical format for Road Section Identification Data set (Annex K).
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