Standard NBN ISO 50047:2019

Energy savings - Determination of energy savings in organizations (ISO 50047:2016)
Publication date
27.010 Energy and heat transfer engineering in general
Summary :
This International Standard describes approaches for the determination of energy savings in organizations. It can be used by all organizations, whether or not they have an energy management system, such as ISO 50001. This International Standard addresses the following topics in the context of energy savings: - establishing the purpose of determining energy savings; - determining boundaries; - energy accounting, including primary and delivered energy and the use of common energy units; - selecting an approach for the determination of energy savings; - establishing an energy baseline; - normalization of energy consumption; - determination of energy savings; - reporting and other matters. Specific methods for the measurement and verification of energy performance and its improvement are outside the scope of this International Standard. NOTE ISO 50015 establishes general principles and guidelines for the process of measurement and verification of energy performance of an organization or its components.
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