Standard NBN ISO/IEC 15961-4:2021

Information technology — Radio frequency identification (RFID) for item management: Data protocol — Part 4: Application interface commands for battery assist and sensor functionality (ISO/IEC 15961-4:2016)
Publication date
35.040 Character sets and information coding
Summary :
This document provides a set of application commands and their associated responses for the following functions: — to start and stop battery assistance; — to select and de-select a particular sensory function supported by the RFID tag; — to set sensor parameters both initially and ongoing; — to start and stop the sensor monitoring the environment; — to access sensor data; — to establish the battery status. ISO/IEC 24753 defines the encoding rules for identifying sensors, their functions, their delivered measurements, and the processing rules for sensor data. As such, it receives commands as defined in this document and provides the information that is required for the appropriate responses.
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