Standard NBN ISO/IEC 27036-4:2016

Information technology - Security techniques - Information security for supplier relationships - Part 4: Guidelines for security of cloud services (ISO/IEC 27036-4:2016)
Publication date
35.030 IT Security
Summary :
This document provides cloud service customers and cloud service providers with guidance on
a) gaining visibility into the information security risks associated with the use of cloud services and managing those risks effectively, and
b) responding to risks specific to the acquisition or provision of cloud services that can have an information security impact on organizations using these services. This document does not include business continuity management/resiliency issues involved with the cloud service. ISO/IEC 27031 addresses business continuity. This document does not provide guidance on how a cloud service provider should implement, manage and operate information security. Guidance on those can be found in ISO/IEC 27002 and ISO/IEC 27017. The scope of this document is to define guidelines supporting the implementation of information security management for the use of cloud services.
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