NBN EN 1366-8

NBN EN 1366-8

Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 8: Smoke extraction ducts
Release date: 
September, 2004


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This Part of this document specifies a test method for determining the fire resistance of smoke extractionducts. It is applicable only to smoke extraction ducts that pass through another fire compartment from thefire compartment to be extracted in case of fire. It represents fire exposure of a fully developed fire.This method of test is only applicable to fire resisting ducts that have passed the test for the appropriateperiod to EN 1366-1 (ducts A and B). For duct A, it is a requirement for fire resisting smoke extractionducts that the document under pressure of 300 Pa, as given in EN 1366-1 is increased to 500 Pa whentesting to EN 1366-1. For the purposes of the test described in this document, the duct is referred to asduct C.This test has been designed to cover both vertical and horizontal smoke extraction ducts. However,provided both horizontal and vertical tests have been carried out to EN 1366-1 on the specific system, avertical system need not be evaluated to this method provided it has been tested in a horizontalorientation to this method. However, if the system in practice is only to be used for vertical applications insmoke extraction systems, then it will need to be tested in a vertical orientation to this method.This method of test is only suitable for ducts constructed from non-combustible materials (Euroclass A1and A2).It is applicable only to four sided ducts; one, two and three sided ducts are not covered.


Norm EN nr: 
EN 1366-8:2004
1989/106 - Construction products