Get quick and easy access to standards in your organisation

Every company or organisation can purchase standards. In Belgium you can do this through the NBN. You can purchase, maintain and use your collection of standards in various ways.

  • Need a standard for single use? You can purchase it per user in the NBN shop. Choose the language and version.
  • Do you frequently use standards? In that case a subscription is a better option. On the digital myNBN standard portal you can compile a collection of 20, 60, 100 or more standards. The multi-user option gives you and your colleagues access to the most current versions, including all changes in all available languages, at all times.
  • Do you want to be able to consult the entire NBN collection of standards at any moment? In that case the Reading Room is what you need. Here you can consult the entire NBN collection online.
  • Do you use some standards intensively and others only once? A combination of the different solutions is also possible.

Which standards does the NBN offer?

In the shop and on myNBN:

  • Belgian and European (EN) standards (with the exception of electrotechnical and electronic standards)
  • international (ISO) standards accepted in Belgium (NBN ISO)

myNBN gives you access to other standards such as:

  • Belgian, European and international electrotechnical and electronic standards
  • foreign standards: NEN (the Netherlands), BSI (UK), DIN (Germany), ASTM (United States), AFNOR (France), etc.
  • other international standards (ISO)

Standards for your organisation

Do you want to know more about the possibilities myNBN offers? Contact us now. We will gladly provide all the information.

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