How management standards can help you improve your organisation

Organisations looking to improve their performance can start to do so by implementing management standards. But how exactly do they work, and what is their concrete added value for your organisation? NBN introduces you to the world of management standards.


What are management standards?

Management standards can help organisations manage their activities and operations in various areas such as quality, the environment and sustainability. Or, they describe the best way to carry out a specific activity, such as outsourcing, project management or facility management.


High Level Structure (HLS): the new basis for ISO standards

The latest ISO management standards, such as the revised ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, have been drawn up in accordance with the High-Level Structure (HLS): a concept that ISO developed in 2008 in order to give ISO standards more uniform structures.

HLS is at the heart of the ‘plug-in model’ for ISO management standards, which ensures that management standards are better aligned with each other and enables them to be implemented together more logically. The ultimate aim? Management standards that provide answers to the concrete challenges facing organisations.

HLS is now mandatory for management standards. For specific fields, it may be supplemented by requirements which the international standards committee considers necessary. However, those additions must not undermine HLS or counteract the intended harmonisation of ISO standards. However, if a standards committee considers it necessary to deviate from HLS, then the committee will have to submit its substantiated arguments to the central ISO secretariat.


How can management standards benefit your organisation?

  1. They provide a sound basis for setting up a quality management system.
  2. You will be able to manage your processes better and monitor your organisation’s performance.
  3. Your organisation will save on costs by working more efficiently.
  4. Customer satisfaction will improve.
  5. Your organisation will become more sustainable.
  6. ISO certification will improve the credibility of your organisation, which will boost exports.


Would you like to benefit from management standards too? Take a look at the key ISO standards and find out how they could benefit your organisation:

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ISO 14001 - Environmental management >
ISO 45001 - Health & safety at work >
ISO/IEC 27001 - Information security >
ISO 31000 - Risk management >
ISO/IEC 17025 - Quality management in laboratories >

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