How can you improve your existing energy management system?

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With high energy prices, a sound energy management system is more important than ever. Good energy management results in cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions - a win-win for your organisation and the environment. The standard ISO 50004 Energy management systems – Guidance for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of an ISO 50001 energy management system helps you perfect your energy management system.

What is ISO 50004?

ISO 50004 supports organisations in continuously improving energy performance using a systematic approach. It is a user-friendly toolkit that helps companies identify, track, report, and implement all energy management improvement initiatives. The result? Reduced energy costs.

Who is the standard intended for?‍

ISO 50004 can be used by organisations with varying levels of experience with energy management and energy management systems. The practical help boxes are designed to give the user ideas, examples and strategies for implementing an energy management system.

Meet the ISO 50000 family

ISO 50004 is part of a growing number of standards in the ISO 50000 family. These standards are all aimed at helping organisations make progress in terms of energy management. The family is made up of:  

  • ISO 50001: requirements and usage guidelines
  • ISO 50002: for audits
  • ISO 50003: for certification
  • ISO 50005: phased implementation
  • ISO 50006: measuring energy performance
  • ISO 50047: for energy conservation

Getting started with ISO 50004?

Does your organisation want to systematically improve its energy performance? ISO 50004 can help you do this.

Purchasing standards

All energy management standards at a glance

Looking for standards to help you implement an energy management system? Check out our overview.

Standards for energy management

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