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With the right knowledge, you start stronger. And standards are bursting with relevant, useful, proven and defined knowledge. Drafted by experts and specialists in your industry.

So standards are knowledge documents that help you improve a product, speed up a process or define a method, for example.

Don't start from scratch and base yourself on best practices. That's how you speed up, boost efficiency, increase quality and save on budget.

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We are transforming to a circular economy. Standards are a valuable ally for us in this endeavor.
I am an active user of standards in my position as project manager of sustainable building materials at Colruyt Group. Why do we use standards? Two good reasons are safety and cost efficiency. But in addition , standards also guide us in the transition to the circular economy.
Portrait photo of Muheeb Al-Obaidy
Muheeb Al-Obaidy
Colruyt Group