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These companies swear by standards. Soon, maybe you will too?

Why should your organisation use standards? Simple, because best practices are simply the best way to do something.

Standards ensure safe products, reliable services and quality processes.

There are many reasons why companies use standards:
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An overview with the advantages of using standards
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Cost savings: thanks to the increased efficiency and higher quality of your business processes.
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Export opportunities: because your products or services are more easily accepted abroad.
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Innovation: because sharing knowledge and new techniques becomes easier.
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Customer satisfaction: by increasing the quality of your products or services.
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Sustainability: because you fine-tune environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable products or processes.

You don’t have to take our word for it, of course. Just hear what these professionals have to say.

Standards provide a strong injection of quality. And quality always pays off in the long run.

Sabine Pauquay
Public Affairs Manager at Velux

In order to objectively demonstrate the quality of what we do within the municipality, we decided to adopt the ISO 9001 quality management system. In 2000, we received this ISO certificate for the first time. Thanks to the quality system, we eliminate inefficiencies in our operations much faster. Actually, it’s a very human story. It is not the system that comes first, but our way of working vis-à-vis our inhabitants. And our employees who, thanks to the system, know what they are doing. A project like this needs to be embraced throughout the organisation, by the people who participate in it. Involvement is so important. It has become a part of our employees themselves. ISO 9001 is definitely our system.

Luc Jolie
General Director of the municipal company Aalter‍

Having a common language is a great advantage for our international customers.

Anne Minne
Standardisation Coordinator at Saint-Gobain Glass

We specialize in proton therapy: an innovative radiation therapy technique that uses a proton beam instead of X-rays. The quality, conformity and safety of our equipment are essential. Since we operate all over the world, our devices must meet the requirements of the market authorities in all those countries. International and local standards are an essential tool to ensure that we meet regulatory requirements. ISO 13485 (medical devices, quality management systems and requirements for regulatory purposes) and the entire IEC 60601 family (medical electrical devices) are the most important process and product standards for us. We are also certified for those standards. We therefore consider standards development and our participation in it a crucial activity.

Caterina Brusasco
R&D Compliance Expert at IBA

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