Standard NBN EN 15154-6:2019

Emergency safety showers - Part 6: Plumbed-in multiple nozzle body showers for sites other than laboratories
Publication date
71.040.10 Chemical laboratories. Laboratory equipment
Summary :
This document is a product specification, giving performance requirements for plumbed-in multiple nozzle emergency safety body showers which are permanently connected to a water supply and installed on industrial and logistic sites. Emergency safety body showers using fluid other than water are not considered in this document. This document also specifies requirements in respect of installation, adjustment and marking of the showers as well as operation and maintenance instructions to be given by the manufacturer. NOTE 1 Plumbed-in emergency safety body showers designed for laboratory facilities are dealt with in EN 15154-1. NOTE 2 Water overhead body showers for sites other than laboratories are dealt with in FprEN 15154-5. NOTE 3 Attention is drawn to national regulations which can apply in respect of the installation and use of emergency safety showers.
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