ISO 10010 guides your organisation to sustainable success thanks to a strong quality culture

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The new quality management standard NBN ISO 10010:2022 was published to help organisations make the most of their quality culture.

Thanks to this standard, organisations can achieve sustainable success, in part by focusing on leadership and employee engagement.

What does ISO 10010 cover?

ISO 10010:2022: Quality management - Guidance to understand, evaluate and improve organisational quality culture, to give the standard its full name, helps you evaluate, develop and improve your organisation’s quality culture. The goal is to improve your performance and lead your organisation to sustainable success.

The standard provides tools to evaluate your organisation’s quality culture by means of self-assessment. This allows you to determine the maturity of your quality culture and identify opportunities for improvement.

In particular, it helps you understand the context of your organisation and analyse the current quality culture. Based on this, you can then implement specific actions to achieve the quality culture you’re aiming for, and continuously improve it.

What is a ‘quality culture’?

A quality culture is an organisational culture that helps you implement your quality policies and achieve your goals. It’s also a culture that supports the delivery of products and services that meet the needs and expectations of your customers and stakeholders.

What are the benefits of this new standard?

  1. ISO 10010 can be applied in any organisation, regardless of size, industry, or location, and regardless of the products or services you provide.
  2. The standard integrates the seven quality management principles (customer focus, leadership, people engagement, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management) into the quality culture of your organisation.
  3. The standard contributes to four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs: quality education (SDG 4); decent work and economic growth (SDG 8); industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9); and responsible consumption and production (SDG 12).

Want to learn more about quality culture and quality management?

Need help improving your quality culture? You can find the new ISO 10010 standard in the NBN’s e-shop.


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