NBN publishes a new guide on copyright

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We live in a highly digitised knowledge-based economy. Copyright protection is therefore crucially important for every organisation.

As a publisher of standards, NBN ensures that all of its intellectual content is protected. And it does so through intellectual property rights and copyrights.

To bring together all the information and rules around copyright protection, NBN has published a guide.

Why publish a guide to copyright?

The guide aims to inform users of standards and other NBN content about the rules related to copyright protection. "We've sought a balance between the promotion of the use of standards and NBN content on the one hand, and the protection of copyright on the other," explains Johan Haelterman, Chairman of NBN Executive Committee.

What's in the guide?

  • Definitions of concepts like 'standards', 'NBN content' and 'copyright'.
  • An explanation of copyright law and what it means for NBN and users of standards.
  • Brief analyses of the possible uses of standards and NBN content.

Check out our new guide on copyright

Want to know how and why NBN uses copyright and intellectual property law? Read all about it in the guide.

Download the guide

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