NBN Sustainability Award: prize for theses on sustainability

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"Making lives easier, safer and better" is what NBN strives for. NBN works daily with a global network of experts to capture knowledge in standards. These standards are a source of inspiration and the basis for developing and producing products and services that meet the latest requirements, including in the area of sustainability. With the NBN Sustainability Award, NBN wants to highlight theses that address the sustainability issue, this with a broad view of the world. Technology, economics, business administration, social sciences and law can all be considered.

What can you win?

As the winner of the NBN Sustainability Award, you will go home with:

  • a prize worth 1, 500 euros
  • the opportunity to present your thesis at the annual NBN event
  • recognition and visibility within the network of experts

Nominees will each receive € 500

Each participant also receives his or her own page in the Flemish Thesis Bank, a great calling card for future careers.

How can you participate?

Registration for the NBN Sustainability Award is automatic when you register for the Vlaamse Scriptieprijs (The Flemish Thesis Prize)

Criteria for the NBN Sustainability Award

  • The thesis provides new insights or innovative applications related to sustainability in one of the following fields: technology, economics, business, society, science or law.
  • The piece clearly indicates the potential impact of the research. How can the result of the research be used or valorised?
  • The piece needs to be well written in terms of clarity, style, and structure. It needs to be accessible to a wide audience.

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