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Successful innovation is done with innovation management standards


Those who want to survive must reinvent themselves again and again. Thus, innovation is essential for any business. Companies that constantly improve themselves and continue to grow, which puts them one step ahead of the competition.  

Standards for innovation management help you innovate successfully and make the most of all your inspiring, innovative ideas.

Start with ISO 56000

ISO 56000: innovation management - fundamentals and vocabulary is the international standard for innovation management. This standard helps with:

  • Using the right terminology for innovation management
  • Making your innovation management activities visible and credible
  • Evolving in a structured and effective manner as organisation
  • Capturing new ideas and continuously improve them

The ISO 56000 family

The ISO 56000 family helps organisations reinvent themselves, so they can survive in this changing and uncertain world.

What standards still belong to this family?

  • ISO 56002: innovation management - innovation management system - guidance provides guidelines for implementing an innovation management system.
  • ISO 56003: innovation management - tools and methods for innovation partnership - guidance provides a guide for innovation partnerships.
  • ISO/TR 56004: innovation management assessment - guide helps you assess innovation management.
  • ISO 56005: innovation management - tools and methods for intellectual property management - guidance provides guidelines to support the role of intellectual property within innovation management.
  • ISO 56006: innovation management - tools and methods for management of strategic information - guidance provides guidelines for supporting strategic information within innovation management.
  • ISO 56007: innovation management - idea management provides tools and methods for managing opportunities and ideas. (In draft!)
  • ISO 56008: innovation management - instruments and methods for measuring innovation operations - guidelines provides guidance for measuring innovation operations. (In draft!)

One step ahead of the competition thanks to standards development

Innovation is very important to stay several steps ahead of your competitors. Companies that actively participate in standards development increase their credibility with customers and give them a head start in the market. Vera De Glas of protective clothing manufacturer Sioen has understood this very well.

Vera: "Sioen's slogan is 'protection through innovation.' By participating in standards development, you get a better understanding of the latest market trends. Standards have to be revised every five years. The revision always takes into account the latest technological evolutions. Therefore, anyone who sits on a standards committee is always completely on board."

Standards for innovation

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ISO 56000

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