Coming soon: the brand-new standard for carbon neutral emissions

Emissions from factory production

Circle the end of November in green in your calendar because it marks two key events in the fight against climate change. COP28 kicks off, taking stock of progress since the 2015 Paris Agreement. Plus, ISO releases a new standard, ISO 14068. This standard brings together current best practices around the management of greenhouse gases and climate change. Once published, you'll immediately be able to find the standard in NBN's web shop in all available languages.

Why this standard is so relevant

Recently, NBN CEO Johan Haelterman underlined how standards can help companies accelerate their sustainable transition. There are already many standards that can help set your organisation on the right path, such as environmental management (ISO 14001), sustainability (ISO 26000) and the future standard for an SDG management system.

The newest member of the family, ISO 14068, is a standard that puts guidance at its core. It supports your organisation in reducing emissions from your business activities. In practice, that means you'll get principles, requirements and advice from experts on becoming carbon neutral, such as:

  • how to quantify and document your emissions;
  • how to create a management plan to achieve carbon neutrality;
  • how to report your emissions correctly;
  • and more.

Would you and your organisation like to help develop sustainability standards?
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Not just for your business processes

ISO 14068 will bring even more benefits when it's published at the end of November. Not only is the standard easily applicable to any organisation, from SME to industrial giant, but as well as business processes, it specifically addresses the full or partial life cycle of a product or service, from production to end-of-life.

So look out for NBN EN ISO 14068 in our web shop or consider an NBN subscription tailored to your needs.

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