The 8 benefits of ISO 14001

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With COP 28 coming up later this year, reducing our collective carbon footprint is more important than ever. What can you contribute as an organisation? How do you set up an environmental management system? Here, we're sharing the 8 benefits of ISO 14001, the international environmental management standard, with you. You'll also discover how our ISO 14001 Master Track can get you started.

The 8 benefits of ISO 14001 for your organisation:

  • Reduce costs: with ISO 14001, you have better control over your expenses. You increase your energy efficiency, and you can get started with (more) intelligent waste management.
  • Boost customer confidence: sustainability is an aspect of your business that consumers, partners and clients actively seek out. By improving your environmental performance, you strengthen trust in your organisation and enhance your reputation.
  • Facilitate legal compliance: an environmental management system tests your operations against current and future environmental performance regulations in an objective, factual manner.
  • Achieve greater alignment with the SDGs: with an environmental management system, you contribute to many of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. For example, SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation), SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy), SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities), SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production), SDG 13 (climate action), SDG 14 (life below water) and SDG 15 (life on land).

Did you know.

There's a new management standard in the works, specifically related to the United Nations SDGs: ISO 52001. This standard, like ISO 14001, will be certifiable.

Are you a subject matter expert and would like to help shape this brand new standard? We'll soon be organising a free kick-off event to launch the new Belgian standards committee.

Discover more

  • ‍Build knowledge within your organisation: accurately recording environmental indicators is crucial for good environmental management. As you observe these indicators more and communicate more about them, your organisation builds solid knowledge.
  • Improve your international standing: working with an internationally recognised ISO standard also means a big boost in your credibility. A handy asset at the negotiating table.
  • Suitable for organisations of all sizes: ISO 14001 can be used by small, mid-size and large organisations.
  • Motivate your colleagues: putting your corporate climate efforts into an environmental management system gives everyone at your organisation a more active role – from management to team members.

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