Enhance your standards expertise

Management standards cover subjects such as quality, safety, the environment, sustainability, data protection, risk management, project management, outsourcing and facility management. They can help companies organise their activities better. The NBN supports companies by providing advice and assistance.


What are management standards?

Management standards serve as a guide for companies looking to organise their activities more efficiently. But applying standards successfully is often a complex process which makes getting the right support with practical insights extremely valuable for any company. The NBN can help with that. We can turn the theory into practical application.

As the Belgian member of the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), the NBN will make sure that you are the first to know about new management standards. We also organise training courses on the use of various management standards at the NBN Academy.

Find out about the training courses available on management standards.


The educational role of NBN

Being the only Belgian member of ISO means that the NBN can call on an exceptional network of Belgian and international lecturers. All these lecturers are experts in a particular field of management. In addition, they often help develop ISO management standards too, and can teach you how to apply a standard first-hand.

The NBN Academy guarantees that:

  • you receive direct access to the knowledge on which the standard is based;
  • you are the first to know about the latest developments relating to ISO management standards;
  • you will be taught by and get the opportunity to network with national and international lecturers.


For more information on training courses and management standards,

contact the NBN at academy@nbn.be or call +32 2 738 01 11.